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St. Boniface's Catholic College Headteachers Blog 23.9.13

Hello once again,
I hope that you have all had a good week. I also hope that your son has brought home the St. Boniface’s College Autumn diary for you. Please ask him to give you the red diary he was given to take home today.  The diary contains lots of information about the College and what is happening up to Christmas – if you can think of anything you would like in such a termly diary then please drop me an e-mail, a new diary will be released for the Spring term.
The diary contains a homework timetable for the academic year and pupils have been asked to use their planners to put the set homework in. Could I ask you to please check and sign the planners weekly – tutors have also been asked to sign planners on a weekly cycle. If you would like to make any notes in the planners for the tutor then please do so, please remember that every teacher can be contacted via their e-mail address as well.
The College is also returning to Parent /Teacher evenings along with mentor days, the first year 11 evening, I am proposing to have two such evenings for year 11, is on Tuesday 10th December – just after the Y11 mock exams. Again the dates can all be found in the Autumn Diary. The mentor day of Friday 22nd remains.
The College is also on schedule to initiate a parent texting service, letters will be coming home hopefully within a fortnight for you to join the service. I am also about to write to all parents with updates in case they have not got access to this blog – Mrs Venn, our Assistant Head teacher for Inclusion has asked for information regarding free school meals, service family children along with other information so please do keep an eye out – I shall of course post the letter with the appropriate blog.
The College has yet to hear back from Ofsted regarding the suitability of the proposed action plan put in place with the College and the local authority. As soon as it is agreed with Ofsted that the plan is appropriate I intend to publish it to parents and staff.
I would like to thank the pupils for all the hard work they have put in again this week – there appears to be an ordered approach around the College however certain boys continue to test the dress code of the College by having their shirts un-tucked. Could you please talk with your son if you suspect he may be one such pupil, patience will run out and detentions will be given which would be a great shame over such an issue but standards will not be compromised. Unfortunately two pupils were sent home this week, with parental follow up, for trying to disrupt the learning in classes – standards will not be compromised.
I was fortunate enough on Monday to spend time at an Ofsted rated “outstanding” school in Cornwall and the Head teacher there has kindly agreed to work closely with St. Boniface’s. Work continues quietly behind the scene in preparing St. Boniface’s to become an academy. We are awaiting Ministerial approval and I would like to thank those in the Diocese who are working tirelessly in this venture. My understanding is that this could take a number of weeks.
On a final note from me a huge thank you for all those who continue to offer support to the College and myself, I firmly believe we are well underway and I do hope that you are noticing a difference at home.
God Bless,
A.   Davies
A note from Mr. MacCormick:
There will be two events happening on Friday 18th October to support the PTFA's efforts to refurbish our College's Fitness Suite through 'Project Motiv-8':
1. That day will be a Mufti day with students asked to bring a contribution, £2 if possible, to raise money for this cause.
2. That evening, there will be a College disco, also to support this project.  Further details on this evening will follow shortly.
A note from Mrs. Polson
The first GCSE students took part in St Boniface Open Evenings with great success. They made, presented and served all refreshments to prospective parents with confidence and pride.
I am very proud of them all.
From Mr. Smart
Last Tuesday a group of Year 7, 8 and 9 lads went to the Plymouth University Science and Technology showcase at the Graduation Marquee. The lads spent the morning looking at the University’s educational workshops and its excellent facilities. The lads also got lots of free stuff! The lads really seemed to enjoy the day, and a big thanks to Mrs Parsons, Mr Tew and Miss Redfern for their help in organising the event.
STEM club is back! And every fortnight on Thursday week B lunchtimes. I will be running STEM workshops, but also providing more opportunities for lads to enhance their STEM experience. Watch this space for details.
A notice to all year 12s, particularly those taking Science, Maths or Engineering. I have various contacts within the Engineering sector, through the Education Business Partnership South West. I would like to run trips out to various companies in all branches of the sector, such as Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical and Automotive. If this is of interest to parents or year 12s, then please email me at
Year 7
Year 7 are continuing into the term in a hardworking fashion! Home learning is now a firm part of their timetable, with a range of weekly and monthly projects in place. Please remember if your son is struggling to adapt to this more structured homework system, we have a number of homework clubs available for him to attend, both in the Library or the Learning for Life Centre after school.
I have been popping into various lessons across the campus again this week to check the year 7's learning and have been so impressed! Particular mention to the boys in 7P during an RE lesson, who are currently working independently on a St Boniface project. Miss Heduvan has commented on how impressed she has been with the mature attitude and approach to their learning. Keep up the great work boys! 
To further help and improve literacy standards, the school has introduced a reading scheme were all students will undertake 30 minutes of silent reading each day. Could I therefore please ask, that you ensure your son has some suitable reading material in his school bag each day. I have asked tutors to check this is in place and thank you for your support with this. 
This week’s assembly focussed on the very important message of “Respect”. I led the assembly with a blast of Aretha Franklin’s famous song “Respect!”. Sadly, this only managed to make me feel extremely old when not many of the Year 7’s knew the song, or had ever heard of the singer! We then discussed famous characters throughout history who have gained respect for a number of reasons. Some of the people discussed included, Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa and my favourite, Lewis Hamilton! We then came up with a list of how to be respectful every day, not only in school but at home. Ending in a prayer, students were thankful for the respect they receive from each other and those who they love. We are very much looking forward to Mrs Polson and 7B’s assembly on Tuesday 24th September.
Some of our Year 7 “HMS Heroes” students are fortunate to be attending a “Royal Navy March Past” on Friday at the Citadel, with Mr McKenna. This is as part of the HMS Heroes scheme we have at St Boniface’s to support those students with one or more parent in the Armed Forces. It will hopefully be a lovely occasion to show our continued support to the Armed Forces.
An important date for the Year 7 diary;
·         October 10th – We are having a whole school photograph at 11.30am to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the school! Please ensure that your son is looking especially smart that day!
·         October 18th – Welcome Disco at St Boniface’s for Key Stage 3 students. To welcome the New Year 7’s, we hold a disco here at St Boniface’s where students from Notre Dame are invited also. Tickets will be available soon! 
The boys continue to look extremely smart and I have been so pleased that they are adhering to the hair and uniform requirements. Please ensure that the correct outer wear garments are being used as the weather starts to turn towards winter. Students should only be wearing black or navy blue coats, thank you.
Finally, I am very proud that we have an extremely skilled transition tutor team here at St Boniface’s, who are specialised in dealing with a range of Year 7 pastoral issues. Please do not hesitate in contacting either your son’s tutor via email, or me directly, should you have concerns or questions. Our email addresses are available on the school website
I wish you all a lovely weekend!
Miss Beales, Head of Year 7

HMS Heroes in Operation.
Year 8
5 year 8 boys will be out on Monday visiting the Aquarium – city wide G&T day.
Mr. Tucker
Year 9
“Have you done your homework:?
“I haven’t got any”
A conversation which goes on most homes, but I can assure you homework is being set, please can I ask that you regularly check your child’s planner, the planner is an excellent home school link and it is the responsibility of your son to get it signed by  his parent/guardian each week.
To further help with communication, your son will be given a small red diary for parents listing key dates of terms, events and meetings etc. keeping you up to date of forth coming activities and….it has a homework diary.
With the onset of Autumn this week and  with the colder wet weather one or two hoodies started to emerge, can I reiterate the school uniform of NO hoodies, the uniform is school blazer, black or dark blue coats –no logos, and an optional grey V necked jumper, hoodies will be confiscated.
Congratulations this week go to…
A talented young man Ben who will be attending the Southern Championships in Tae kwondo and following his runners up spot in a recent U18 table tennis competition held at the life centre has been selected for the Plymouth City Development Squad. Well done a great achievement.
What else has you been up to, come on lads share your successes with us, or if there are any proud parents who would like to share their sons successes with me I would be pleased to hear them, I can be contacted on:
Until next Friday, have a good week
Mrs L. Mcloughlin
Head of Year 9
Year 10 – Mr Scott
Year 10 students had a great time in assembly this week singing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Don’t Stop Me Now” – few will forget Frankin’s amazing air guitar skills and stage sliding!  A great time was had by all!
Well done to Luke who has been working with the PE Department to help train Year 7 students after school this week.  It’s always nice to see senior students modelling learning to our newest students.
Mrs Hudson introduced Work Experience this week.  The chance to work in industry will take place next May.  More details to follow.
Year 11
Congratulations to James for representing Team GB in the Cross Triathlon trials.  He came sixth in a recent trial in Switzerland.  He has two other races, representing GB, in Germany and Canada next year to look forward to.  
He is a credit to his school and we are all proud of him.
Wednesday 13th November
– mock GCSE exams start
– 6 school weeks away!
Mr. Redfern
Post 16
The vocational students have now fully started their courses. We have a number going out to deepest Cornwall to do Animal Care and the others are following their vocational courses in Plymouth. These are varied and provide a hands- on route to employment in the future. In addition theses students do English and Maths in College and are aiming at Functional Skills Level 2 and GCSE. For many students this is an important transition from School to the world of work with a supported environment. Many go on to achieve great things and have finally found out what they want to do. The vast majority achieve in the year and are ready to move on.
Mr Claricoates is our Head of Vocational Studies and is doing an excellent job expanding the opportunities to the sixth form, including offering the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
Vocational courses are also offered alongside A levels in the form of Teaching Assistant, Business Management, Sports Coaching and theses provide a real difference to any student entering theses professions as it gives them an edge over the other students.
This is a massive growth area within the College and one that will continue with the Raising of the Participation age to 18 next year.
If you require any further info then please contact me at the College.
Monday 23 September 2013
Five Y8 boys will be out today visiting the Aquarium
Fitness club (lunch)
STEM (after school) Mr Smart
Geography Clinic (lunch) Miss Beales
Year 11 higher GCSE homework , catch up and revision (A29)
1500 – Maths Drop in Session Room A37 with Mr Allerton
Tuesday 24 September 2013
Drama club (lunch) Mr Trimmer
Workshop sessions catch up (lunch) Mr Griffin
Geography clinic (lunch) Miss Beales
Wednesday 25 September 2013
0950 – 1050 Year 7 Social Group (Group 2 – Chapel)
1050 – 1150 Year 7 Social Group (Group 1 - Chapel)
1520 – 1700 Year 7 Rugby Club
Year 8 rugby (after school)
Knitting club (lunch) Mrs Parsons E123
Board games (lunch) Mrs Williamson-Firth E123
School Play – Lord of the Flies (after school) Mr Trimmer
Workshop sessions catch up (lunch) Mr Griffin
Geography clinic (lunch) Miss Beales
Thursday 26 September 2013
Year 9 rugby (after school)
Geography clinic (lunch) Miss Beales
1520 – 1630 – Miss Gosling’s Art Club (Week A only)
1700 – FGB Meeting
Friday 27 Sepember 2013
Android Club (lunch years 9-11) Mr Neethling
Geography clinic (lunch) Miss Beales
PE Extra-curricular Clubs Timetable
0730 - 0815
Breakfast Club
Fitness, Basketball and Badminton (all years)
1345 - 1415
Fitness Suite and Basketball (all years)
Fitness Suite and Basketball (all years)
Fitness Suite and Basketball (all years)
Fitness Suite and Basketball (all years)
Fitness Suite and Basketball (all years)
1530 - 1630
Rugby (Years 8 and 9)
Basketball Year 7
Rugby Year 7
Circuit Training (all years)
Table Tennis (Years 7 and 8)
Rugby (Years 10 and 11)
Teach us, good Lord,
to serve thee as thou deserves;
to give and not to count the cost;
to fight and not to heed the wounds;
to toil and not to seek for rest;
to labour and not to ask for any reward,
ave that of knowing that we do thy will.

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