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St. Boniface's Catholic College Blog for wb 30.9.13

Dear Parents and friends,

Please find below my latest Blog about our College community. I trust that you have all now had your red termly diary booklets if not please ask your son to get your copy from his tutor – failing this of course please contact his tutor directly. The first of two planned Year 11 Parent/Teacher evenings being due after the mock exams on Tuesday 10th December with the whole school mentoring day on Friday 22nd November. There is a return to Parent/Teacher evenings for all years after the strong messages I received at the Ofsted feedback evenings, these will be in addition to the mentoring days.

Bishop Christopher popped into College today, Friday, and had a tour and a cup of coffee with me. He spoke with several of the pupils and staff as we walked the College and it was a real shot in the arm to see him again in St. Boniface’s. My great thanks to him for making time – the staff and students are all very appreciative. In the same note, Father John has been highly visible in the College and I have been particularly grateful to him for his time for students, staff and myself. It is a real blessing when our faith can unite us in such a manner.

I regret to inform you that as things stand at the moment, I will need to close the College for all pupils on October 17th due to industrial action by two of the teaching unions, NUT and NASUWT. On the grounds of health and safety I will be unable to ensure that there will be enough staff on site – legislation preventing me from filling in any gaps! I have been trying to see if there were any way that we could arrange for externally examined years groups to come in but, at this stage it is looking very doubtful. Some schools in the City may have very few teachers who belong to either of these unions and may be able to remain partly open – I am afraid that each school will be different but I did want to let you know as soon as possible so that you can make suitable arrangements. I am sorry but these matters are beyond our control, the industrial action is due across the whole of the South West of England.

On a far sunnier note we had one of our 150th Birthday celebrations this week with an aerial photograph of all the students and staff on the school field. The pupils were excellent and I was very proud of them all. A more formal whole school photograph is planned for Thursday 10th October.

Our Parent texting service will be up and running from next week with letters being sent home, via the post, to all parents asking for them to register for this free to parent’s facility. Please take a little time to register as we believe the service will make a significant difference to communications between parents and the College.

 A reminder that Friday 4th is CAFOD fast day.

Year 7

Year 7 have had yet another very busy week at St Boniface’s! We have had many successes academically, with already, over 170 entries by teachers onto SIMS, for students gaining academic merits for outstanding work! I am absolutely thrilled with this and it is down to the hard work of our year group, so well done lads! It was also lovely to present the prefects, nominated by their tutor group, with the prefect ties and pin badges in assembly. The boys all look extremely smart. To add to these academic successes, we have also had a fantastic turn out to the Year 7 Rugby afterschool club, run by Mr Tucker. Over 40 students attended and Mr Tucker was kindly offered assistance by some of the older students. It was lovely to see all of our students working so well together regardless of their differing years.

Home learning is now a firm part of the student’s timetable, with a range of weekly and monthly projects in place. Please could I ask all parents that you ensure that students are completing all home learning and that you are signing the planners weekly. Please remember if your son is struggling to adapt to this more structured homework system, we have a number of homework clubs available for him to attend, both in the Library or the Learning for Life Centre every day after school.

This week’s assembly was presented by Mrs Polson and 7B. The assembly was on the theme of “Litter” and we were treated to a lovely poem written by the students about the nuisances of litter! Well done boys for standing up and reading so clearly. It is often quite a daunting experience to be asked to stand in front of peers, so I was extremely proud of them. We are very much looking forward to the next tutor’s assembly; 7E and Miss Heduvan.

Some of our Year 7 “HMS Heroes” students are fortunate to be attending a visit to a Royal Navy Warship next week. This is as part of the HMS Heroes scheme we have at St Boniface’s to support those students with one or more parent in the Armed Forces. I will hopefully have more photographs and information to follow next week!

Yr. 7 rugby. The boys played their first competitive games on Thursday at Sir John Hunt. The games are shortened to 10 minutes each way and are used to develop the boys’ skill levels and their knowledge of the game. I was really delighted with the boys’ commitment and we came away unbeaten with a draw against both Eggbuckland and Sir John Hunt. Well done to all!

 Some important dates for the Year 7 diary;

·       October 10th – We are having a whole school photograph at 11.30am to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the school! Please ensure that your son is looking especially smart that day!

·      October 18th – Mufti day for the students in school and a “Welcome Disco” at St Boniface’s for Key Stage 3 students in the evening. To welcome the New Year 7’s, we hold a disco here at St Boniface’s where students from Notre Dame are invited also. Tickets will be available from Mrs Mills (Maths) very soon! All money raised is going to a fantastic cause – Project Motiv8. This a project that is being organised by our fantastic PTFA to refurbish our Multi Gym in school. We are trying to raise as much money as possible so please feel free to support us and donate anything you can. Project Motiv8 is a project that will benefit all of our students, whether it is in PE lessons during the school day, or the use of the gym during free leisure time.

To ensure the extremely high standards that Year 7 continue to demonstrate, please can I ask parents to make a note of the following;

·         Students should adhere to the hair and uniform requirements at all times. Please ensure that the correct outer wear garments are being used as the weather starts to turn towards winter. Students should only be wearing black or navy blue coats, thank you.

·         Mobile phones should not be on during the school day. They should be switched off and in bags so that learning is not disturbed.

·         Home learning should be completed for all subjects in a timely manner. Please can parents insist on checking planners and guiding the students with their organisation.

·         Please can parents ensure their son has a reading book in his bag every day to support our reading scheme. This is to further help and improve literacy standards whereby all students will undertake 30 minutes of silent reading each day.

I have sent students home this week with email slips for parents to fill in. This is by far the most convenient and quick way for me to keep in touch with parents. Please can I ask that if your son has given you a slip that you complete and return as soon as possible. I will be sending out regular emails with updates.

Finally, I know I repeat this every week, but I really am very proud of my extremely skilled transition tutor team here at St Boniface’s. The tutors are specialised in dealing with a range of Year 7 pastoral issues. Please do not hesitate in contacting either your son’s tutor via email, or me directly, should you have concerns or questions. Our email addresses are available on the school website or in the parent diary handed to your sons this week.

I wish you all a lovely, relaxing weekend with your families.

 Miss Beales,

Head of Year 7

 Year 8

The rugby team got off to a flying start on Tuesday with two wins over Tavistock and All Saints! Mr Weaver was very impressed, well done!

The Year group all received a letter during the week detailing who their new mentor will be from now until the end of Year 11. If you have not seen this letter please ask your son to pass it over!

The Harvest mass is on Thursday at 12:35 for our Year group so we are very much looking forward to that. Thanks to Mrs Chapman for organising this.

The lunchtime room continues to be used well. It is great to see the boys interacting so well together and the standard of chess and draughts is increasing all the time!

We thank Mr Romaine for his assembly last week when he outlined the importance of endurance and persistence. Very important for all of us, whatever age!

Mr. Tucker

 Year 9

Last Sunday the church celebrated harvest with children from the local primary presenting gifts of food at the altar, this week 9E presented an assembly on a similar topic as seen through the eyes of Cafod. As part of our own charity contribution this term- as a year group - we would like to harvest food donations to help the homeless in our own city. If each student would kindly donate at least one non-perishable item of food we could make a big difference, so can I ask you to search your food cupboards or purchase any item which your son can contribute towards our own harvest presentation.

As a school we are always looking for ways to improve our communication and build relationships with you as parents, when your son started in year 7 we asked for your email address to enable us to try and set up a system where we could notify you of any events or activities, unfortunately, there were very few responses, so I would once again like to ask you for your e-mail address, if you would kindly send me an e-mail at with your son’s name  I can try and set up a year group address book.

If you have any queries of anything you wish to pass on please do not hesitate to e-mail me using the above address.

Mrs L. Mcloughlin

Head of Year 9

 YEAR 10

Congratulations to 10K form tutor Mr Neethling and his wife who became parents again to baby Zachary!  The boys made a lovely card to send home to Chez Neethling to wish their new son well – perhaps a future member of the SBCC Class of 2032?

The singing assembly was great fun too!  One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” followed by the Green Day classic “Time of Your Life”.  We’re looking forward to singing some Christmas carols as we enter Advent on December 1st.

Next Monday, 10G will lead us in assembly about CAFOD’s Fast Day on Friday October 4th.  On the day, students can give up their break and donate the money to the charity to help feed those in need.  Click here to email the Prime Minister David Cameron now, calling for power to be shared between rich and poor so that everyone has enough to eat.  Follow @CAFOD on Twitter too!

Mentoring letters have gone out to all students – there are some minor changes, so please make sure you read it carefully.

There is a photography competition for students in Year 10-13… click here to enter.  The theme is “where you belong”.  The prize fund is £2800.

Our 150th Anniversary celebrations continued with a special aerial photograph of the entire school on Wednesday – which saw 920 people standing in the shape of the number 150.  This was a fantastic event organised by Mr Smart – and his STEM Mathletes!  The rain held off just enough to take the fantastic photo!

Mr. Scott

Year 11

Thank you to Matthew and Josh for attending the Sports Ambassadors Conference at the Plymouth Life Centre, as St Boniface’s representatives. The Ambassadors programme is an excellent initiative that provides young people with the opportunity to volunteer to take on extra responsibility on behalf of others in the school. 

Well done to Zach and Josh for producing an excellent presentation in Religious Education.  According to their teacher Ms Sandford it was outstanding and professionally executed. 

As head of year, I was very pleased to see a large number of the year 11 cohort volunteer to become peer mentors for boys in year 9.  The boys will be providing an excellent service by passing on their experience and wisdom   in a way the year 9 boys will relate to.  

Mr. Redfern

Post 16

Year 13 Geographers went to Slapton Ley on Thursday 26th to study succession across the shingle ridge. The tutor from the Field Study Centre couldn’t believe what great results the students collected ‘I’ve never seen them all work so well’ and wanted them to stay for longer because they were far nicer group than the others she had! Great ambassadors for the school!

The sixth form is about opportunities and community. Two events have been prominent this week amongst many.

·         a group of sixth form sports coaches went into a Local Primary school to coach and teach the  students how to coach. They were exemplary and a credit to the College, credit to Miss Sandford for her organisation and to the coaches for the way they went about communicating with the students. An ideal opportunity where both parties can benefit.

·         Our range of vocational courses goes from strength to strength. This is the opportunity to gain a relevant vocational qualification alongside A levels. The Teaching Assistant course has proved invaluable for any student who wants to go into this profession or into teaching. The universities look very favourable on this because it sets you apart and gives you quality experience. Congratulations to Dale who secured his place at Lancaster based on this qualification.

Our community also has times where illness strikes families or loved ones. It is also traditionally the time that Meningitis strikes young people, as they return to school and come into contact with each other. Your son/daughter will have information about early warning signs.

Year 13 should be doing their UCAS applications online now if they wish to apply to University.

Mr. Tew

Monday 30 September 2013
Fitness Club (lunchtime)
STEM (after school) -  (Mr Smart)
Geography Clinic (lunchtime)  - (Miss Beales)
13:35 – 14:20 – Christian Union – (Chapel)
13:35 – 14:20 – Quiz in the Library – Years 7, 8 and 9
13:35 – 14:20 – Card Club – (Back room in LfLC)                               
15:00 – Maths Drop in Session Room A37 – (Mr Allerton)
15:00 - Year 11 Higher GCSE Homework , Catch up and Revision - (A29)

Tuesday 1 October 2013
13:35 – 14:20 – Card Club – (Back room in LfLC)
13:40 – Year 7 Inter-house Football Barrett v Errington (Lower Yard)
Drama Club (lunchtime) – (Mr Trimmer)      
Workshop Sessions Catch up (lunchtime) – (Mr Griffin)
Geography Clinic (lunchtime) – (Miss Beales)

 Wednesday 2 October 2013
11:35 – Year 7 Group 1 Social Group - (Chapel)
12:35 – Year 7 Group 2 Social Group - (Chapel)
13:35 – 14:20 – Card Club – (Back room in LfLC)
13:35 – 14:20 – Panda Knitting Club – Miss Gosling’s room
15:20 – 17:00 Year 7 Rugby Club
School Play – Lord of the Flies (after school) – (Mr Trimmer)
Workshop sessions catch up (lunchtime) – (Mr Griffin)
Geography Clinic (lunchtime) – (Miss Beales)

Thursday 3 October 2013
Year 9 Rugby (after school)
Geography clinic (lunchtime) -  (Miss Beales)
12:35 – Harvest Mass for Year 8 – (St Peter’s Church)
13:35 – 14:20 – Card Club – (Back room in LfLC)
13:40 – Year 7 Inter-house Football Grimshaw v Kiely (Lower Yard)
15:20 – 16:30 Miss Gosling’s Art Club

                                    Friday 4 October 2013
Android Club (lunchtimes for Years 9 -11)- (Mr Neethling)
Geography Clinic (lunchtime) – (Miss Beales)

PE Extra-curricular Clubs Timetable

0730 - 0815
Breakfast Club
Fitness, Basketball and Badminton (all years)
1345 - 1415
Fitness Suite and Basketball (all years)
Fitness Suite and Basketball (all years)
Fitness Suite and Basketball (all years)
Fitness Suite and Basketball (all years)
Fitness Suite and Basketball (all years)
1530 - 1630
Rugby (Years 8 and 9)
Basketball Year 7
Rugby Year 7
Circuit Training (all years)
Table Tennis (Years 7 and 8)
Rugby (Years 10 and 11)

God our Father

Whatever our age, may we always have a thirst for knowledge and understanding,

and be ready to learn from all of life's experiences.

Inspire us always with a sense of wonder and a great reverence for life.


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