Monday, 22 April 2013

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What a relief to be back in school after rather a fraught Easter! The pupils have been absolutely superb and a real credit not only to the College but also to you the parents and carers. I have been really proud of them and the way they have handled themselves, so a big thank you!

I would also like to formally take this opportunity to thank parents and carers for all their kind words of support and encouragement over these unusual times. Please rest assured that all staff at the College are firmly committed to ensuring that each pupil, male and female, receives the best possible opportunities to do of their best – be that GCSEs, A levels or  working in classes.

Staff have remained committed and professional throughout and are a real asset to the College.

I shall of course continue to keep you as up to date with events as is possible and must apologise again to those of you who have found out information via the media before receiving our letter. Our new website, now only a few weeks away from going live, will certainly help with electronic communications and with the speed with which we can communicate with you.


Year 7 have had a great start to the new term with some awards handed out in assembly this week for excellent effort. 

A special mention to Jack who raised over £40 for Cafod during lent, by washing up! What a fantastic and thoughtful idea, if only he had told me earlier!

Next week 7K will be presenting their assembly to the year group.

Year 7 are very much looking forward to finalising their Curriculum Enrichment details on Monday, where they will meet with their group leader to discuss final plans. I'm sure everybody is excited about the activities they will be taking part in!

A quick reminder please that all students should be adhering to the hair and uniform requirements. I appreciate your cooperation with this.

A final note to say how impressed I have been with this year group over the past few months. It is very easy to become "comfortable" as they settle into their first year; however, the students have been focused and committed to learning and this is so pleasing. On behalf of the year 7 tutors, I would also like to say a huge thank you for parental support. It is such a great benefit for the students and their future.


The Year 11 Leavers’ mass is on Wednesday 1st May at St Peter’s Church at 2.30pm. We would very much like to see any parents there who can make it at that time.


Please see this link for the PE clubs for the current term.




Monday 22nd April
08:10 – 08:45 Table Tennis Breakfast Club
13:35 – 2:20 Film Club (F136)
13:35 – Christian Union (Chapel)
13:35 – Geography Club (A9 or A6)
13:35 – Quiz in the Library
13:35 – Various Clubs in the Learning for Life Centre


Tuesday 23 April 2013
13:35 – 14:20 Film Club (F136)
13:35 – Card Games in the Library
13:35 – Various Clubs in the Learning for Life Centre
13:35 – KS3 Basketball Club (Gym)
13:35 – Fitness Suite
Wednesday 24 April 2013
Year 11 GCSE PE Moderation Day 8:50am – 4:00pm
13:35 – 14:15 Careers Club in the Library
13:35 – 14:10 Board Games Club  (Art Room E123)
13:35 – Knitting Club (Miss Gosling’s room)
13:35 – 2:20 Film Club (F136)
13:35 – Geography Club (A9 or A6)
13:35 – Various Clubs in the Learning for Life Centre
15:20 – 16:20 Extended Learning Club – Library
15:20 – 16:20 Gardening Club (LfLC)
15:30 – Mountain Biking
15:30 - Softball
Thursday 25 April 2013
13:35 – 14:20 Film Club (F136)
13:35 – Various Clubs in the Learning for Life Centre
13:35 – Geography Club (A9 or A6)
13:35 – Prayer and Rosary Group (Chapel)
13:35 – Fitness Suite
15:20 – 16:20 Extended Learning Club – Library
15:30 - Athletics
15:30 – Years 7 and 8 Cricket
15:30 – 16:30 Stem Club (Mr Smart’s room)
Friday 26 April 2013
13:35 – Baseball ‘Pick Up’ Games
13:35 – Fitness Suite

Loving Lord, we need the power of your Spirit in our lives to build on what is good, and to help change what needs to be changed. We pray that we may be faithful in responding to your call to grow as the people you have called us to be, that we may ring out your praises through the way we live each day.










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