Friday, 29 March 2013

Letter from the Chair of Governors of St. Boniface's Catholic College

Dear Parents, Pupils and Friends of St. Boniface’s College

We are now in a position to confirm that Mr Andrew Davies has been appointed Acting Headteacher at St Boniface’s Catholic College whilst an external investigation is carried out.


Our permanent Headteacher, Mr Peter Eccles, with the support of an excellent leadership team, has steered the College with great commitment over the past few years. He has had to deal with some difficult circumstances including financial irregularities and staff changes.  He has done this with professionalism, integrity and fairness. He has also faced major upheaval in his family life.


I have recently been made aware of a written complaint relating to Mr Eccles’s private life. In most situations, this would remain a personal and private matter. In a faith school, where staff are expected to uphold the teachings of the Roman Catholic faith, we have a duty to investigate whether standards have been breached. With the support of the Diocese, I have therefore commissioned an independent, external investigation, which will be conducted as quickly as possible. Whilst that investigation is carried out, I have reluctantly suspended Mr Eccles from his post as Headteacher.


This is a neutral act intended to support all those concerned. Mr Eccles has a right to privacy in his private life and a right to expect confidentiality in any matters relating to his employment. This statement is issued with Mr Eccles’s agreement.


Mr Eccles, Mr Davies, the staff team and I all wish to concentrate on our core work: that of delivering an excellent education for everyone in our care. I am sure you will support us in that. Mr Davies has served St Boniface’s Catholic College for more than 20 years, the past five as Deputy Headteacher. His skills and experience are an asset to our College. In Mr Eccles’s absence, I know Mr Davies will continue to ensure the delivery of excellent education in a caring, Catholic community. He and his team have the Governors’ full support.


Mr Davies and I will keep you informed in the new term.


I hope that we can all now focus upon the Easter message which is so important to us all.


Yours sincerely


Stephen Hole

Chair of Governors

St. Boniface’s Catholic College

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