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Headteachers Blog for week beginning 20.1.14

Hello all,

What a great week!  After the adjustments needed for the body clock after the Christmas break we are all back into the swing of things. The students have been hard at work in school and Year 9 were a credit to themselves at the Mass for the Baptism of the Lord on Thursday 16th kindly held by Father John in St. Peter’s Church.
Monday 20th January sees the release of our new rewards and behaviour policy. Mr McCormick has worked tirelessly with pupils, staff and parents in formulating a clear and easy to follow and understand process that will hopefully inspire the students to do of their best, if they are not already. I am very pleased to see that the policy endeavours to reward the huge majority of pupils who day in day out give of their best, often these silent majority pupils can easily be overlooked. There is also a clear focus upon those pupils who persist with low level disruption in class – we will not allow learning to be held up! All pupils have had assemblies that explain the workings of the policy so that they are clear about expectations and rewards before the launch.  Of course the workings of the new policy will take some time to bed in but we are all confident that this will be another push in the right direction for all associated with St. Boniface’s.  A copy of the new policy is available on the College website at

 SBC Behaviour Policy 2014

‘A new command I give to you: Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another’ (John 13:34)

Our new Behaviour Policy is founded upon the new commandment given to the Disciples by Jesus at the last supper and aims to encourage all members of our College community to have respect for one another. 

In order to motivate our students to behave well and to challenge poor behaviour, we have reviewed our College's Behaviour Policy and have prepared our new Behaviour Systems ready for launch on Monday 20th January.  The aim of this policy is to achieve consistently high standards of behaviour across the College through the use of a clear and transparent set of rewards and sanctions to be used by all staff.  The B System focusses upon behaviour which may disrupt your son's learning and the maintenance of high standards of conduct at all times.  The R System aims to encourage students to have high expectations of themselves in order to receive rewards for all of the fantastic things they do.

 Please see the policy document and our behaviour ladders which will provide you with the detail you need to support your son's behaviour on the College website.  There are some key changes:

1. At B4, the College will run after school detentions in the  Hall.  You will be informed of this via a slip given to your son and either a telephone call or email from the referring member of staff.

 2. Mobile phones, other electronic devices, MP3 players, headphones and hoodies will be confiscated on sight and left at the College Reception for parents to collect.  Students will not receive these items back directly.  The only times that mobile phones may be used are for a designated learning activity in lessons (eg: ClassDojo) or to contact a parent having gained permission from the College Reception staff.  This allows us to keep students safe from potential cyberbullying.

 3. For the behaviours listed at B1 and B2, students will be given a warning, a final warning and then will receive a B2 20 minute detention from their class teacher.  The class teacher will inform you of this via telephone or email.

4. At B6, we are currently investigating an internal isolation room which we have called The Link Room.  This provision would aim to reduce Fixed Term Exclusions at the College but will not be introduced to St Boniface's until we are sure that it is the best provision to make for our students.  Please 'watch this space' for further news on this before the end of the month.

 5. At R6 and R7, you will be informed of the rewards your son has achieved via telephone or email by his Head of Year.

 6. At R8 and R9, you will be you will be informed of the rewards your son has achieved via telephone or email by his Director of Key Stage or the Head Teacher and you will be invited into the College to meet with them to congratulate your son further!

 7. At R5, your son has the chance to win an electronic device such as an ipod every two terms and there is one per year group to be won!  Even if he does not win this prize, he will still be rewarded through a Reward Choice Voucher.


If you have any queries regarding the College's new Behaviour Policy, please direct them to Mr MacCormick by email at

 Mr D MacCormick

Assistant Head Teacher


We wish our pupils Sam Y., James A. and Ben G. good luck when they compete for West Devon in the forthcoming Devon Cross-Country Championships North Devon.


St. Boniface’s College 150th Celebration Dinner Dance

St. Boniface’s College celebrates its 150th Year this year. To mark this very special occasion we have arranged a black tie dinner dance at Plymouth Albion on Friday March 28th. I hope that as many past students, parents and staff present and past, will be able to join us to celebrate. Tickets cost £25 and more details will follow. Please keep the evening clear, it will be good!

Surprisingly there is an important local rugby match involving Plymouth Albion and the Cornish Pirates the next day!! I hope the celebrations will spill over…


Could all parents please note that mobile phones will be removed from pupils if staff see them. If a pupil needs to use a phone, mobile or other, they can do so by approaching and asking staff at reception, this has been clearly explained to all pupils. Unfortunately there are simply to many cases of cyber bullying in society today with pupils taking photographs and displaying images on Facebook, twitter etc. We do not want to be luddites on the other hand either and as such, if pupils do have mobiles in their bags or on them that are switched off but that the teacher feels would assist learning then at the teachers discretion these can be used, calculators, timers etc.

The College canteen will no longer be selling canned drinks of any variety, fizzy drinks rich in additives have a negative effect on children and their ability to learn. Bottled waters and juices will still be available and will be allowed onto the school site but not cans of any variety please. Again pupils are aware but could you also please bear this in mind.

I have been contacted by First Group Bus Company regarding a reduction in fares for 5 – 18 year olds. Could I please direct you to their website for further details.


Year 7

The students have excelled themselves with a really fantastic two weeks, full of effort and engagement in learning, marking the start of the new Year!

As a year group, we have already had over 300 entries onto SIMS since January 6th! What an achievement! Well done to all those who have been putting in so much hard work and effort. Please use your SIMS Learning Gateway log in to see how your son is performing in school, it is a live system that has positive and negative events updated instantly. Big brother is watching! When I told the students about this system, their faces were a picture!

This week’s assembly was presented by Mrs Polson and her tutor group, 7B, with the theme of seeing things from a different perspective. The students read out lovely pieces of information that enabled us all to reflect on our own lives and we had our brains tricked by some very interesting optical illusions! Thank you to all in 7B who contributed to such a lovely assembly.

I was really pleased to have Mr Tucker from the PE department come to see me earlier this week. He wanted to tell me how well his Year 7 Badminton group had been working at Derriford. He told me that they were a credit to our year group, being polite and kind and so respectful on the public transport to and from the leisure centre. Well done boys, I was so incredibly proud to hear this.

A few important dates for your diaries;

·         Friday 31st January – Year 7 Art trip to the Aquarium. Please ensure that you have returned the forms/payment to Miss Gosling ASAP please.

·         Tuesday 11th February 2014 - Year 7 Parents Evening starting at 3.40pm. A great opportunity for you to meet with your son’s subject teachers to discuss their progression by subject.

To ensure the extremely high standards that Year 7 continue to demonstrate, please can I ask parents to make a note of the following;

·         Students should adhere to the hair and uniform requirements at all times. Please ensure that the correct outer wear garments are being used (particularly with the adverse weather conditions currently). Students should only be wearing black or navy blue coats, thank you.

·         Mobile phones should not be on during the school day. They should be switched off and in bags so that learning is not disturbed.

·         Home learning should be completed for all subjects in a timely manner. Please can parents insist on checking planners and guiding the students with organisation.

·         Please can parents ensure their son has a reading book in his bag every day to support our reading scheme. This is to further help and improve literacy standards whereby all students will undertake 30 minutes of silent reading each day.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend

Miss Beales – Head of Year 7


Year 8

Well done to all for a very successful fortnight since we returned from the Christmas break. The continuing hard work of the Year group is reflected in the fact that over three hundred positive mentions have been recorded on SIMS this year! The majority of these have been awarded for excellent effort. Well done!

Thanks to Mr Lord for ‘fronting’ the assembly last week in my absence and for Dr Trimming who presented a thought-provoking presentation. The Student Of The Week certificates that were due to be presented last week will be given to the boys in tomorrow’s assembly.

We welcome Aidan L. to the school, joining us from Kelly College. I know that he has settled in well so thanks to his classmates for making the transition to SBCC so smooth. Unfortunately, Jonathan N. leaves us next week to move to Salford. He has made an excellent contribution to the Year group for which we thank him and we wish both Jonathan and his family all the very best in the North-West.

Finally, many congratulations to Solomon N. who found a £10 note in school and handed it in! I’m sure that the owner is very grateful to Solomon for his honesty.

Mr Tucker


Year 9

The week started with an assembly focussing on aspirations as a pre cursor to Tuesday nights options evening when students would be making their GCSE options.

This was followed up with a talk by Solly Irving – Holocaust Survivor , Solly shared his memories passing  the story of the atrocities on to the next generation.

Mr Irving was the only member of his family to survive the Nazi concentration camps and the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany and her allies which killed six million Jews during the Second World War.

Tuesday night’s options evening saw over 100 students attend with their parents to listen to a short presentation from Mr. Budge and Mr. Davies, before discussing their options with teaching staff and receiving an insight into their possible subject choices.

Wednesday, students attended mass in St Peters Church to celebrate the Baptism of the Lord, and many could be heard singing with gusto!!

Wednesday, also saw the lads given a presentation by Mr MacCormick explaining the schools new behavioural policy which comes into effect on Monday,

On each and every occasion the boys behaviour was impeccable and as I said earlier, I was really proud to be their Head of Year, as they are maturing each and every one are starting to display their own personalities which is making for a great year group.

Thanks, to each and every one of you who turned out on Tuesday evening in atrocious weather conditions, I hope this Tuesday the weather is kinder to you for parents evening, the evening starts at 3:30 and finishes at 6:30, each lad has been given an appointment card to make appointments for you. I look forward to seeing many of you again as this will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your sons current academic progress and the chance to finalise their option choices.

Mrs Mcloughlin

Head of Year 9


Year 10

On Wednesday this week, the Year 10 prefects were called to a meeting with me to discuss points they felt were important to them as students.  They spent last week gathering together the opinions and concerns from their peers in both academic and pastoral groups, and brought them for debate and discussion.  A series of points were actioned and assignments given for further action.  An assembly will take place in a fortnight to inform the year group of the outcomes and progress towards making their school the best it can be.

A huge thank you to Mr James and Miss Sanford for leading us in assembly on Monday about the impact ‘physical bullying’ has on an individual.  The entertaining assembly carried a very serious message about the psychological affect this type of bullying has on people.  The assembly forms part of the term long awareness campaign about bullying for students in the year group.  Next week, Mr Ousey’s tutor group will deliver theirs on ‘emotional bullying’.

Parents will have received the NHS letters regarding March 4th’s immunisations.  Please return these to student reception by Monday.  A flyer about the Meningitis C booster has been emailed to all Year 10 parents.
Mr. Scott

Year 11

Communication between the college, students and parents is paramount in helping to focus the boys in year 11 with regards to their on-going studies towards their GCSEs.  To this end there will be regular e-mails sent to you with hard copies sent to the parents who can’t access e-mails, to regularly update you with regards to your son’s specific progress. General e-mails that identify specific information, tips on examination technique, help and advice and information that will help you to facilitate your son in the process of readying him for his examinations, will also be sent. In particular, specific information regarding interventions and times of controlled assessments will be sent out to keep you in the loop of what is going on. Needless to say that this is a tremendously important year for your son and any comments or feedback that you may wish to offer will be gratefully received, especially if it means helping your son to give his best this summer.  To this end please feel free to e-mail me, with any query/concern/advice you may have and I’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.  This is a team effort and I appreciate your efforts in helping us, as a college, to prepare your son for his future.  The behaviour, general focus and demeanour of the boys in general  is changing for the better. The boys are gradually preparing themselves mentally for the tough months ahead and we are all here to help them!

Mr. Redfern


Post 16

The sixth form are heavily into and nearly finishing their Mock Examinations. I hope to have a complete set of Mock results for your son/daughter in two weeks. I will then issue them with these. If you would like to talk about the Mock Results you can contact the teachers concerned directly on their email, or alternatively you can contact myself at the College. The subject teacher should provide accurate feedback on the ways forward. The mocks are a learning experience, in order to gain the best grade in June. The student needs to look at ways they prepared for the examinations and the effectiveness of the strategy they used. Home learning should now step up in readiness for June.

It is easy to focus on the weaknesses and disappointment but many students have performed exceptionally well and should be congratulated.

The sixth form refurbishment is progressing, two more quotes have been obtained for the furnishings, we are awaiting for WiFi installation due in April. The sixth form leadership team are presenting the ideas to Governors.

The letters and monies for the UCAS fair on 20 March have to be returned by next Friday, plus a consent form. Places are limited and the Exeter Fair is renowned to be amongst the best - all the universities in one building offering advice and guidance. When the students return from the fair a session will be held at College on student finance, personal statements and the possible routes forward.

Officially UCAS has now closed, but applications can still be made but they may not get the full range of offers. Track will provide the students with the offers and the next step is to limit the offers to a preferred two. Student Finance also will open shortly and applications for all students in UCAS need to be completed. Help and advice is available from the sixth form team.

If your son is not going to University or is thinking also of another option then most apprentice schemes for sixth formers now start to open. Any student not going or also thinking of employment, or a Gap year, or an apprentice needs to see me and start preparing their applications.

The Sports Coaching is going from strength to strength with the coaches helping and running a Disability Day in the near future. More details to follow.

Mr Tew






If any student wishes to be entered they must complete an application form.  Payment may be made by cash or cheque (made payable to St Boniface’s College) to Mrs Cox or Mrs Gimblett. 



EXAM BOARD                     FEE


AQA                            ENGLISH                 £29.85


EDEXCEL                 MATHS                      £28.65

                                    SCIENCE                  £33.05






If any student wishes to be entered they must complete an application form.  Payment may be made by cash or cheque (made payable to St Boniface’s College) to Mrs Cox or Mrs Gimblett.  In the case of a module which is part exam and part coursework, please make it clear if you wish to carry forward a previous coursework mark.  You must also have the agreement of your subject teacher if you wish to redo any coursework.


EXAM BOARD                     FEE

AQA                                                    £19.95 PER MODULE    (Product Design £25.30)


OCR  (6 unit A level)           £15.00 PER MODULE

OCR  (4 unit A level)           £19.50 PER MODULE


EDEXCEL     Photography £23.40 PER MODULE

                                    Engineering  £19.95 PER MODULE



Prayer for Pope Francis

Almighty God,

shepherd of souls,

we pray for Francis chosen to be Pope:

Guide him by your Spirit,

give him grace to lead people in prayer and zeal

and to follow in the footsteps

of Jesus Christ your Son our Lord.



January – April Clubs and Activities


Week B
Library lunch time – quiz for years 7, 8, 9
Christian Union – lunchtime – C Rogers – Chapel
Geography clinic – lunch – K Beales
Fitness club – lunch
Year 7 & 8 basketball (after school)
School play - Lord of the Flies – after school - P Trimmer
Learning for life centre – lunch time – card club – D Grieve
Library after school – extended learning – 15:20 – 16:20
Film club – lunchtime – C Redfern
Maths drop in sessions – lunch – N Allerton
REwind – lunchtime – E Heduvan
French revision – after school – J McFarland
Art homework catch-up – lunchtime – J Wills
Year 7 music club – D Ousey
Learning for life centre – lunch time – card club – D Grieve
Film club – lunchtime – C Redfern
KS3 badminton – lunch
Drama club – lunch – P Trimmer
Instrumental opportunity – D Ousey, C Crossman
Geography clinic – lunch – K Beales
REwind – lunchtime – E Heduvan
Art homework catch-up – lunchtime – J Wills
Library lunch time – careers club for all years
Learning for life centre – lunch time – card club – D Grieve
REwind – lunchtime – E Heduvan
Geography clinic – lunch – K Beales
Maths drop in sessions – lunch – N Allerton
Library after school – extended learning – 15:20 – 16:20
Film club – lunchtime – C Redfern
Fitness club – lunch
Years 9 and 10 basketball (after school)
School play - Lord of the Flies – after school - P Trimmer
Guitar club – D Ousey
German revision/intervention – after school – W Neethling
Art homework catch-up – lunchtime – J Wills
Philosophy club – after school – C Sandford
Games club – lunchtime – K Gosling’s room – Mrs Williamson-Firth
Library after school – extended learning – 15:20 – 16:20
REwind – lunchtime – E Heduvan
Fitness club – lunch
KS3 table tennis – after school
Wind band – D Ousey
Geography clinic – lunch – K Beales
Learning for life centre – lunch time – card club – D Grieve
Art club after school – K Gosling
Careers club – lunchtime – room 109 – R Hudson – CV writing, interview techniques
Film club – lunchtime – C Redfern
Art homework catch-up – lunchtime – J Wills
Library after school – extended learning – 15:20 – 16:20
Film club – lunchtime – C Redfern
KS4 badminton – lunch
GCSE music – D Ousey
Android club – lunch – years 9-11 – W Neethling
Geography clinic – lunch – K Beales
Maths drop in sessions – lunch – N Allerton
REwind – lunchtime – E Heduvan
Art homework catch-up – lunchtime – J Wills
RE revision after school – 15:20 – 16:20 – E Heduvan


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