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St. Boniface's College Headteacher's Blog for wb14th October 2013

Hi everyone,

Six weeks into the new academic year and time is really flying. One of the highpoints of the last week was undoubtedly the fantastic time we spent together as a community preparing to have our whole College photo taken on Thursday. We were blessed with a glorious morn and a fine bunch of young men and women to photograph. The students were excellent, as you can imagine getting the whole College in one place for the photograph was no easy task but good humour and friendly banter prevailed. As soon as the photograph is ready I will let you know so you can obtain a copy if you so wish.

The second highpoint or watershed really, was Bishop Christopher’s Leaving Mass on Wednesday afternoon in the Cathedral. An absolutely lovely occasion, our thanks to all involved as well as Alastair and Will for representing the student body of St. Boniface’s – and helping out with the service. Bishop Christopher will be missed greatly when he does eventually get to retire.

Please remember that the College will be closed to all students on Thursday October 17th due to industrial strike action by two of the teachers unions. Health and safety requirements dictate that I need to take this action I am afraid. I have tried to take this decision as early as possible to allow parents to make plans for the day. I hope that you have received written communication by now from the Chair of Governors explaining this. I also hope that you have received my letter commenting upon some of the changes that have taken place in the College since September. We are all working very hard to ensure success for the students and hope that you are noticing changes at home.

I trust that you have now all had an opportunity to register with the parent texting service ParentMail. Other schools tell us that this is a valuable method of communicating with parents.

There are now only 17 school days left until the Y11 GCSE mock exams. The first of two year 11 parent/teacher evenings is on Tuesday 10th December and this has been linked specifically with feedback of mock results. Please remind your year 11 son of the importance of these mock examinations ion preparation for the real thing!

The College website continues to be developed, (apologies for some inaccuracies on the teaching list – they are being remedied), under “curriculum” , “subject content” you can now find for all years more detailed information regarding work being done this term in school with suitable texts, websites. Please do not forget to use the pupil planners and please check for homework completion and sign.

HMS Heroes have all had a very busy week and thanks to Mr McKenna for his organisation of this.


I do hope that you all have a lovely week,


A.   Davies




There will be a Mufti day next Friday to raise funds to support our PTFA's Project Motiv-8 with the aim of refurbishing our fitness suite.  This facility, even its current condition, is used by over 150 pupils per week outside of lesson time and even more in lessons!   This is such a worthwhile cause and will benefit every student at the College.  We have now raised over £2000 for this project and we have our Disco, tonight, Friday 11th October, our staff running the Plymouth 10k run and our Christmas Quiz on Friday 6th December (more details will follow).

If possible students bring in £2 on the mufti day and hand this in to their form tutor to support this excellent project.


Year 7

Six weeks into our first term and the Year 7 have settled well and are really starting to feel part of the St Boniface’s community. A special mention and well done to Sean and George in 7L this week. They have produced some fantastic work in their RE lesson and Miss Sandford was so impressed with you, as am I. Well done boys.

This week’s assembly was presented by Mrs Printy. The assembly was based upon the Holy Rosary. Students were given an explanation of the Holy Rosary and the Catholic Faith and ended with a reflective prayer to praise Our Lady in Heaven. Well done to all of the boys from 7G who were involved. We are very much looking forward to the next tutor’s assembly with 7E and Miss Heduvan.

On Thursday 10th October we had the whole school photograph to celebrate the 150th Anniversary. The year 7 students were exemplary with their behaviour and perfect uniform! Well done boys, I was incredibly proud of you and can’t wait to see the pictures!


We also had our very first KS3 disco on Friday night. The students had a fantastic time and it was great to see some of them letting their hair down after a very busy term! It was a shame they couldn’t keep up with my radical dance moves in the dance off! We have raised a great amount for the “Project Motiv8” This a project that is being organised by our fantastic PTFA to refurbish our Multi Gym in school. We are still trying to raise as much money as possible so please feel free to support us and donate anything you can. Project Motiv8 is a project that will benefit all of our students, whether it is in PE lessons during the school day, or the use of the gym during free leisure time.


On Friday 18th October we have a mufti day for the students in school, again for funding towards the Project Motiv8. Please support this very worthy cause.


To ensure the extremely high standards that Year 7 continue to demonstrate, please can I ask parents to make a note of the following;

·         Students should adhere to the hair and uniform requirements at all times. Please ensure that the correct outer wear garments are being used as the weather starts to turn towards winter. Students should only be wearing black or navy blue coats, thank you.

·         Mobile phones should not be on during the school day. They should be switched off and in bags so that learning is not disturbed.

·         Home learning should be completed for all subjects in a timely manner. Please can parents insist on checking planners and guiding the students with organisation.

·         Please can parents ensure their son has a reading book in his bag every day to support our reading scheme. This is to further help and improve literacy standards whereby all students will undertake 30 minutes of silent reading each day.

I am still awaiting some students to bring in their email parental contact email address. This is by far the most convenient and quick way for me to keep in touch with parents. Please can I ask that if your son has given you a slip that you either complete and return as soon as possible or alternatively, send me an email directly to confirm your address at . I will be sending out regular emails with updates on year 7 information.

Finally, I know I repeat this weekly, but I really am very proud of my extremely skilled transition tutor team here at St Boniface’s. The tutors are specialised in dealing with a range of Year 7 pastoral issues. Please do not hesitate in contacting either your son’s tutor via email, or me directly, should you have concerns or questions. Our email addresses are available on the school website or in the parent diary.

I wish you all a lovely, relaxing weekend with your families – Miss Beales, Head of Year 7


Barrett are ahead at the end of the second week of the Inter House Football challenge for Year 7.  Well done Vaughan and Barrett on a fantastic game last Tuesday.


 The Year 7 rugby team played their second round of competitive games on Thursday at Coombe Dean. We were well beaten in our first game by a vastly more experienced DHS team but I was very impressed by the way that the boys never gave up trying. In our second match we beat Coombe Dean 15:0, playing some fantastic rugby. Roll on the next round of games on the 24th!

Mr. Tucker



Year  8

 Another very busy week in Year 8! Many teachers have past very positive comments on the performance and approach of the boys in the Year group but Miss Blackshaw seems to head the list with her enthusiastic reporting of the success of 8D in Geography. This week was the deadline for the boys’ home learning project and every student hit the deadline, getting some high quality projects to Miss Blackshaw in time.  Brilliant!

The rugby team suffered a little setback on Thursday evening when they travelled out to Tavistock. Having won their opening fixtures last week they narrowly lost 15:5 to a strong Tavi outfit. Mr Weaver, though, remains very positive and was very complimentary about the boys’ attitude and performance.

Mr Ramage presented our assembly last week on the theme of Planning Learning in Advance. He based it on the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race and I’ve just about recovered from seeing the speed at which the bikes travel! Does your son recall the meaning behind the assembly? A first-class assembly that the boys enjoyed very much. Thanks Mr Ramage!

Well done to the boys who received certificates during our assembly today. Their names can be found in last week’s blog. More on this week’s assembly in next week’s blog (!)

Finally, well done to Denver who completed a two day Youth Training Programme at the Lower Guildhall and, who was, by all accounts,  was a star!

Mr. Tucker


Year 9

Wow another busy week there doesn’t appear to be any let up. This week we had a whole school photograph to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the college, what a fantastic sight it was to see the whole school suitably attired with immaculate uniforms – even if it did mean many having to lengthen their ties!!, We hope to have the photograph available for purchase in the near future.

We have had students attending a Youth Training programme, in the Lower Guild Hall, for all the schools in the Plymouth area, who belong to HMS Heroes, this was particularly aimed at the children of forces personnel. Mr McKenna who also attended the event on behalf of the college has said how proud he was of our students and how they shone, after the event one of our students Abe, was taken to one side and was showered with compliments from the staff, for his maturity, leadership, and speaking skills.

 The year group was also represented at Plymouth City Museum this week for a collaborative project with Professor Iain Stewart and his Geology Masters students. This was a very exciting opportunity for the students who were selected and taken to the museum to investigate a fieldwork trip in our very own city centre.

 Congratulations this week to Matthew our budding Picasso who has just won 1st prize in an art competition held by a local company.

There were a lot of other deserving stories of achievements this week which I will endeavor to list in a roll of honour next week.


Year 10

A good week for Year 10 – lots of positives and lots of merits for students!  10G are racing ahead with over 90 merits this term so far.

 Mr Tucker led us in a thoughtful assembly about the legacy we leave when moving on in life.  The boys were thinking about ho­w they are perceived and what lasting impression others are left with.

The Computer Science class have been exploring networks and produced two brilliant displays about the various topologies.  Well done to Noah B. and Jordan G. for coordinating the teams.

Well done to the students in all year groups for their excellent conduct during the whole school photograph on Thursday.  The boys were a credit to the school!

Mr. Scott

Year 11

 James, our triathlon champ, has continued his sporting success by being becoming the male vice- captain for the Tavistock Swimming Club.  Once again James has demonstrated that he is an excellent ambassador and role model for the rest of the year 11’s.

Mr. Redfern

It is around time when year 11s need to be thinking about their future, and whether they wish

 do A levels , or BTEC type qualifications  or vocational or a mixture of both .

Any questions that they may have regarding these initial thoughts can be sent to or


Monday 14 October 2013
History Learning Review
13:35 – 14:20 - Geography Clinic - (Miss Beales)
13:35 – 14:20 – Film Club with Mr Redfern (Room 136)
13:35 – 14:20 – Christian Union – (Chapel)
13:35 – 14:20 – Quiz in the Library – Years 7, 8 and 9
13:35 – 14:20 – Card Club – (Back room in LfLC)                        
15:00 – Maths Drop in Session Room A37 – (Mr. Allerton)
15:00 - Year 11 Higher GCSE Homework , Catch up and Revision - (A29)
15:00 - STEM -  (Mr Smart)

Tuesday 15 October 2013
13:35 – 14:20 – Film Club with Mr Redfern (Room 136)
13:35 – 14:20 – Card Club – (Back Room in LfLC)
13:35 – 14:20 - Drama Club – (Mr Trimmer)       
13:35 – 14:20 - Workshop Sessions Catch up – (Mr Griffin)
13:35 – 14:20 - Geography Clinic – (Miss Beales)
13:35 – 14:20 – Year 7 Inter-house Football Match Kieley v Vaughan –
 (Year 7 Yard)
Wednesday 16 October 2013
13:35 – 14:20 – Film Club with Mr Redfern (Room 136)
13:35 – 14:20 – Card Club – (Back Room in LfLC)
13:35 – 14:20 – Panda Knitting Club – (Miss Gosling’s Room)
13:35 – 14:20 - Board Games (Mrs Williamson-Firth – Miss Gosling’s Room)
13:35 – 14:20 – Geography Clinic – (Miss Beales)
13:35 – 14:20 – Workshop Sessions Catch-Up – (Mr Griffin)
15:00 - School Play ‘Lord of the Flies’ – (Mr Trimmer)
15:30 – 15:45 - Time for Prayer for Staff and Students – (Chapel)

Thursday 17 October 2013
13:35 – 14:20 – Year 7 Inter-house Football – (Year 7 Yard)
13:35 – 14:20 – Film Club with Mr Redfern (Room 136)
13:35 – 14:20 – Card Club – (Back room in LfLC)
13:35 – 14:20- Geography Clinic – (Miss Beales)
15:20 – 16:30 - Miss Gosling’s Art Club - (Week A only)

                                         Friday 18 October 2013
Mufti Day to raise funds for Project Motiv8
13:35 – 14:20 – Film Club with Mr Redfern (Room 136)
13:35 – 14:20 – Years 9 – 11 Android Club - (Mr Neethling)
13:35 – 14:20 - Geography Clinic – (Miss Beales)

PE Extra-curricular Clubs Timetable
0730 - 0815
Breakfast Club
Fitness, Basketball and Badminton (all years)
1345 - 1415
Fitness Suite and Basketball (all years)
Fitness Suite and Basketball (all years)
Fitness Suite and Basketball (all years)
Fitness Suite and Basketball (all years)
Fitness Suite and Basketball (all years)
1530 - 1630
Rugby (Years 8 and 9)
Basketball Year 7
Rugby Year 7
Circuit Training (all years)
Table Tennis (Years 7 and 8)
Rugby (Years 10 and 11)



Almighty God,

shepherd of souls,

we pray for Francis chosen to be Pope:

Guide him by your Spirit,

give him grace to lead people in prayer and zeal

and to follow in the footsteps

of Jesus Christ your Son our Lord.




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