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St. Boniface's Catholic College Headteachers Blog for the week beginning 15th July 2013

Please note that in a recent letter home from Mrs. Venn a comment regarding the movement of the Inclusion department for September was made. At the time of writting this was the proposal however, as with much in education, plans have changed and I can confirm that the Inclusion department will now NOT be moving for September. Apologies to all for the confusion.

Mr. Davies

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the penultimate Blog for the 2012-13 academic year. The warm weather has certainly helped bring a Summer feel at last to this term. The promotion of the timetables appears to have worked well with a smooth transition reported by Heads of Year.

Could you please note that the College will be closing at 12.30 on Friday 19th of July with a Mufti day in aid of St. Boniface’s PTFA Motiv -8 project to provide improved gym facilities for all students and the “Hugs for Henry” campaign. £1.00 donations would be gratefully received from all in Mufti, but £2.00 would be even better if possible please. Thank you.

College opens again for pupils in years 7, 10 and 12 at 8.50 on Wednesday September 4th with all years back the following day, 5th September.

For those who enjoy bike riding please log on to

to learn about Sky Ride Plymouth.

I am unsure if the recent Ofsted inspection will now be published before the end of this term. My understanding is that Ofsted do not publish reports during holiday periods so we may not get the report before we return in September. Please be assured that as soon as I have any news regarding Ofsted I will inform you straight away.

It was lovely to be part of the new parents evening last Wednesday looking into the work new year 7 students will be doing in English, Maths, Science and RE. I am constantly amazed at much education has changed since I was a student.

A big thank you to all the present parental team who made themselves available to give an insight into what to expect and useful tips. I can see that the website is going to be busy!

 Mr. Davies


Year 7

With the promotion of the new timetable there are no Year 7 pupils at the College.


Year 8

Mr, Tucker has been head of year for only a few weeks and is in the process of getting to know his year group.

Yr 8 cricket team now completed their cricket fixtures and remain unbeaten after a win last evening (10th) at Tor Bridge.

 Mr. Tucker


Year 9

After a long wait we are finally enjoying a experiencing a warm summer term and our thoughts start to think about the summer holidays ahead, however, there is still work to be done before we can enjoy the break as the boys continue to settle into their new timetables, and for many new academic groups. The changes have been positive with many of the boys telling me how they are enjoying their new challenges and how they have moved groups within English and Maths and are finding the work more aspirational.

This week a selection of boys attended Plymouth University for a  Boys into Books Event,  they went on to campus and were involved with workshops in which there is currently a gender imbalance.

The boys were offered the chance to attend hands on workshops with two professional male writers, Dr Edson Burton; a Radio 4 playwright and poet and Steve Duncan, a Bristol based spoken word artist. The workshops offered the boys an introduction to Edson and Steve and the opportunities that a career in writing can offer before they get hands on with script writing and creative writing exercises. All those who attended came back full of enthusiasm.

On the sporting front, the cricket season is well under way with a number of our lads playing for local cricket clubs both in Devon and Cornwall, Rhys tells me his side Plymouth Cricket Club beat Cornwood this week, as I write this Year 9 are playing against Ivybridge so I hope I can report a win next week, Good luck lads.

Mrs  McLoughlin

Year 10


Our first singing assembly was a particular highlight this week with Ben in 9B showing he can ‘bust a move’ with his dancing, and Ben (also in 9B) singing loud for all to hear.  Mr Ousey led the 140 strong choir through the finale song from the film Pitch Perfect.  Dr Summers, Miss Seward, Mrs McLoughlin and Miss McFarland joined the assembly to sing along too.  Next week we will be singing Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” and Cliff Richards’ “Summer Holiday” – to end a great year!

Thirteen GCSE Computer Science students took part in a residential at Plymouth University which saw them creating interactive web pages; experience different hardware platforms for running web servers; learn about the design of web pages; explore the principles and practice of creating code - and how this links to the core discipline of computer science.  They even went bowling together and stayed in student accommodation for the night.

In addition, two Year 10 students explore IT in society with a visit to Drake Circus – including a visit to the Apple Store to look at iPhone point-of-sale devices and Starbucks to look at contactless payments and wi-fi structures.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday and encourage a rest before the GCSE courses resume in September.
Mr. Scott

Year 11

Group photographs have been taken of each tutor group along with their respective tutors this week.  Mr Matson's tutor group 10V, led the assembly this week on Nelson Mandela. The timely assembly informed the boys of Mr Mandela's colourful history and his outstanding achievements in defeating apartheid in South Africa and how consequently, he has become a global icon and inspiration to others struggling against oppression.   

 Mr. Redfern

Post 16

We say goodbye to Cameron who has been offered a pre apprentice course with Skills Group. Cameron will be a great asset to any business. Cameron was Trainee of the Year last year in Plymouth.  We wish him all the success and will miss him being around.

Peter is improving greatly at Frenchay in Bristol. Are prayers and thoughts are with him and his family.

Phil has secured a place at Cardiff University following a long tradition in his family - a fantastic achievement. We wish him every success. 

Nathan has secured a place with World Challenge Expedition and is going to Uganda for a month.

The time of the year is upon is when UCAS has started. All personal statements should be written in draft - all 5 University choices need to be considered. Applications open September 1st.

 If any parent/student need guidance or have any questions then please email A UCAS application evening will be arranged in September.

Please note: Due to changes in examination set ups there are no longer any examinations in January.

Mr. Tew



Please see link below for the PE clubs for this term:-


Monday 15 July 2013
08:10 – 08:45 Table Tennis Breakfast Club
13:35 – 2:20 Film Club (F136)
13:35 – Geography Club (A9 or A6)
13:35 – Quiz in the Library
13:35 – Various Clubs in the Learning for Life Centre
13:35 – Fitness Suite
15:20 – 16:20 Extended Learning Club – Library
15:30 – Flag Football

Tuesday 16 July 2013
13:35 – 14:20 Film Club (F136)
13:35 – Card Games in the Library
13:35 – Various Clubs in the Learning for Life Centre

Wednesday 17 July 2013
13:35 – 14:15 Careers Club in the Library
13:35 – 14:10 Board Games Club BWF (Art Room E123) 
13:35 – Knitting Club (Miss Gosling’s room)
13:35 – 2:20 Film Club (F136)
13:35 – Geography Club (A9 or A6)
13:35 – Various Clubs in the Learning for Life Centre
15:20 – 16:20 Extended Learning Club – Library
15:20 – 16:20 Gardening Club (LfLC)
15:30 – Flag Football
15:30 – Cricket
15:30 – Mountain Biking

Thursday 18 July 2013
13:35 – 14:20 Film Club (F136)
13:35 – Various Clubs in the Learning for Life Centre
13:35 – Geography Club (A9 or A6)
15:20 – 16:20 Extended Learning Club – Library
15:30 – 16:30 Stem Club (Mr Smart’s room)

Friday 19 July 2013

School closes 12:30 for Summer Holidays
Mufti Day



























Take time to claim your strength;

they are gifts of God.

Take time to have fun;

it's God's way of teaching you your strengths.

Take time to grow yourself;

only you can grow you.

Take time to trust yourself;

God trusts you.

Take time to be self-reliant;

it is better than being dependent.

Take time to share with others;

they will bless you, and you will bless them.

Take time to have hope,

you are a child of God.


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