Friday, 24 May 2013

St. Boniface's College Blog for week beginning 3rd June

Hello once again,

Could I start by just saying how proud we all are of the students involved in Curriculum Enrichment week. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit a number of those taking place off site as well as those on site. The pupils looked as if they were really enjoying themselves and smiles and good times were evident. Reports of tents blowing over in our wonderful British summer to decorating cakes and knitting all go to make school memories that will last a lifetime. Could I also take this opportunity to thank the staff for the hard work involved in arranging and running the various activities and you the parents for supporting the College in these rather unusual learning experiences, there is far more to education than certificates - even though we all know certificates are very important!

Please note that the College is closed on June 3rd for a training day. 
Those taking examinations are to be in school as normal for their exam.

When we return the older pupils will be in the midst of their GCSE, AS and A2 exams and so we continue to keep them in our prayers and thoughts - another group we can be proud of.

With this week being Curriculum Enrichment week I am afraid that a lot of the staff who provide me with information are away so this will be a short blog.

There is a whole school outside mass arranged for Wednesday 5th June 12.30 with a barbecue Hog Roast being produced by the canteen. Arrangements have been made in case of rain!

Governors have agreed with the design for a slightly alternative College tie to be released celebrating our 150 year history. The ties have the numbers 150 across the lightest stripe in the traditional tie. These ties will be on sale in about 6 weeks for those who would like them, please note that they are not replacing the traditional College tie. There will also be an official St. Boniface's College scarf for those who would like one.

New timetables will start on July 1st.

Have a good half term break.
A. Davies

The prayer of St. Columba, written 1400 years ago

Be a bright flame before me, Lord
Be a guiding star above me,
Be a smooth path below me.
Be a kindly shepherd behind me
- today, tonight and forever. Amen 

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