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SBCC Blog week beginning 11th February 2013

Welcome to next weeks Blog!

Please note that there is no school for pupils on Friday 15th February as there is a staff training day in preparation for our new school wide management information system, SIMS. The new system will have a facility to record parental e-mail contact information and allow texts home. I am thus hoping that the need to subscribe to this blog will then be removed as I will be able to send it directly to you. The new system is on target to "go live" on 25th Feb. so watch this space please.
At the bottom of my version below posting comments section there is a "subscribe by e-mail" note - hope it works for you.

It is the intention of the College to distribute Ashes to all students who would like them on Wednesday.

If you shop at Sainsburys please can you collect the vouchers and hand them in to any of the PE team via your son, thanks.

Thursday 14th February, Valentines Day, is also a Mufti - non-school uniform day. If pupils would like to come in everyday clothes for that day and can contribute £2.00 to CAFOD/PTA funds then they may do so.

The EBAC qualification has been in the news recently - or rather something that sounds a lot like the EBAC that we are offering at KS4 here at the College. In actual fact the government is talking about the replacement examinations for GCSEs that were due to come into effect, the EBC qualifications - this is not the same as the EBAC qualification that requires English, maths, two sciences, a modern foreign language and a humanities subject at grade C or better at GCSE level. We will continue to offer a broad and balanced curriculum to KS4 pupils no matter what the government wishes to call it, we are here for the students! Hence no change for our KS4 curriculum.

KS4 Science request from Mr. Hitchcock regarding those pupils who wish to re-take any science modules - could you please get your money for payment into the College as soon as you can as he needs to send off numbers of entries to the examination board.

Some of our year 10 Scientists have been asked to start revising for a forthcoming series of modular examinations in preparation for a potentially exciting new course aimed at the three separate sciences. Whilst we are still awaiting final confirmation of this course it was felt best to enter these pupils, if only for examination experience at KS4 level at worst, so as to be in a position to take up this opportunity in the future. The course could significantly reduce the severity of time required for examinations at a final sitting in the summer of 2014 and hence help reduce pupil ( and parent!) stress levels at such an important time.

Those of you who use FACEBOOK please be aware that there is a type of virus, supposedly called a Bot, from EMERY MARTINEZ. Please do not open any communications from this fictitious character.

The maths and English departments are running extraction classes for pupils of all ages with a focus upon students who are struggling in specific areas from within these subjects. This is in no way a punishment, as some students unfortunately seem to think, but is aimed at getting pupils back on track very quickly and hence back into the main lesson in that subject - the idea being short, sharp instruction to address blocks. 

We are currently in the process of securing places on vocational courses for present Year 11s who are hoping to be part of the 6th form from September but do not wish to study academic subjects. Your son may have recently been asked to select taster sessions which are being held at various colleges around the city (eg Plumbing, Bricklaying, Painting & Decorating, Mechanics, Catering and many more!). These qualifications are at NVQ Level 1.
If you would like more information on these taster sessions please contact Mr Mather on  

The Parental Leadership Team is meeting this Thursday 14th Feb. at 6pm, please register interest with Dr Summers . New parents are always welcome.

On the Horizon:

Mentoring Day is 1st March, a non teaching day with pupils having work to do at home on that day please. Letters have been sent out via the pupils so do ask if there are any letters for you as bags can be very deep! Please book in times with mentors here at the College.

The mentoring follow up date for parents and pupils who would like to speak with specific subject teachers is on 12th March, from about 3.30pm. Parents wishing to avail themselves of this opportunity can book appointment times at reception on mentoring day, 1st March.

There is a KS4 Celebration and Information, Advice and Guidance, IAG, evening on 5th March at 6pm.

St. Boniface's College is having its 150 year anniversary, could all old boys (and young ladies) please register emails with Mr. Scott.

Mr. Scott is in the process of trying to arrange a visit to Rome, I shall be able to give more information once he is able to firm up details.

Following 2010’s successful trip to Normandy, 12 Key Stage 4 boys are going on a 7 day trip to France this coming March.

The trip to the château is all about language immersion.  Everything is carried out in practical spoken French, and the students will improve their ability to speak French as well as building their confidence in the language through a variety of activities and visits in an educational but fun atmosphere.

The château is staffed by fully qualified native speakers and the itinerary would include a variety of the following activities: Climbing, an Assault Course, Archery, Orienteering, Fencing, Bread Making, Initiative Exercises, Circus skills and Canoeing.  In the evenings the activities include a sports tournament, a camp fire, a French Evening with snails and fancy dress competition, Talent Show, barbecue and a film evening.  We will also go to Mont St Michel to see the island and the abbey, as well as to the Normandy landing beaches at Arromanches.

The Maths department is planning on carrying out in  March a similar exercise for Y11 students to that of the RE department - practice under exam conditions in the College exams hall at a full GCSE Maths paper. Early indicators would suggest that there has been an improvement in overall grades from the RE exercise.


 Monday 11 February 2013
08:10 – 08:45 Table Tennis Breakfast Club
13:35 – 2:20 Film Club (F136)
13:35 – Christian Union (Chapel)
13:35 – Fitness Suite
13:35 – Geography Club (A9 or A6)
13:35 – Quiz in the Library
13:35 – Various Clubs in the Learning for Life Centre
13:35 – Table Tennis Club for Years 7 and 8 (Hall)
13:35 – Badminton (Gym)
15:20 – 16:20 Extended Learning Club – Library
15:30 – 16:30 Table Tennis After School Club
15:30 – 16:30 Year 7 Football Training (School Field)
15:30 - Year 10 Football (Tor Bridge)

Tuesday 12 February 2013
13:35 – 2:20 Film Club (F136)
13:35 – Card Games in the Library
13:35 – KS3 Basketball Club (Gym)
13:35 – Fitness Suite
13:35 – Various Clubs in the Learning for Life Centre

Wednesday 13 February 2013
13:30 – Sixth Form Football
(Devon Wednesday League Team)
13:35 - Games Club (Miss Gosling’s room)
13:35 – Basketball ‘Pick Up Games’
13:35 – Fitness Suite
13:35 – 14:10 Board Games Club BWF (Art Room E123)
13:35 – 2:20 Film Club (F136)
13:35 – Geography Club (A9 or A6)
13:35 – Various Clubs in the Learning for Life Centre
13:45 – ‘Africa Club’ Room (A9)
14:15 – Sixth Form Enrichment (Basketball and Fitness)
– Fitness Suite and Gym
15:20 – 16:20 Extended Learning Club – Library
15:20 – 16:20 Gardening Club (LfLC)
15:30 – Year 8 Football (Field)
15:30 – Year 9 Football (Field)

Thursday 14 February 2013
13:35 – 14:20 Film Club (F136)
13:35 – Various Clubs in the Learning for Life Centre
13:35 – Geography Club (A9 or A6)
13:35 – Basketball ‘Pick Up’ Games (Gym)
13:35 – Fitness Suite
13:35 – Prayer and Rosary Group (Chapel)
13:45 – ‘China Club’ Room (A9)
15:20 – 16:20 Extended Learning Club – Library
15:20 – 16:20 Geography and IT Club (Room 109)
15:30 – 16:30 Year 9 Rugby Training and Fixtures
15:30 – 16:30 STEM Club

Friday 15 February 2013

ActivityYr DayTimeLocation
FitnessAll YearsEvery dayLunchFitness SuiteMembership form available from Mr Mather
Table TennisAll YearsMondayLunch & After SchoolHallSee Mr Turner
Basketball7, 8 & 9TuesdayLunchGymSee Mr James (PE)
Basketball10 & 11MondayAfter SchoolGymSee Mr James (PE)
Basketball All YearsW, Th, FrLunchGym'Pick up' games
BoxingAll YearsWednesdayAfter SchoolFitness SuiteSign up with Mr Mather
Football7MondayAfter SchoolFieldSee Mr Greenway
Football8WednesdayAfter SchoolFieldSee Mr Greenway
Football9WednesdayAfter SchoolFieldSee Mr Weaver
Football10MondayAfter SchoolFieldSee Mr Mather

Hope you all have a good week!

Lord help us to remember,make us one,
help us to live for your glory.
Lord please give us this day our daily bread. Amen

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